South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (Reg. 19 Pre-submission Draft)

Representation ID: 3214

Received: 08/03/2023

Respondent: Pigeon Investment Management Ltd

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Not specified

Representation Summary:

The Village Clusters Plan is not sound and is not consistent with paragraph 35 of the NPPF. The Village Clusters Plan is not consistent with national policy set out in paragraphs 104 and 105 of the NPPF. There is no certainty that the allocation sites affected by nutrient neutrality are deliverable over the plan period.

Change suggested by respondent:

A review of settlement limits within all settlements within South Norfolk by way of a focused review of the Site Specific Allocations and Policies Document and Area Actions Plans should be undertaken.