South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (Reg. 18 Draft)

Ended on the 2 August 2021
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31. Saxlingham Nethergate

Form and character

Development within the parish is concentrated at Saxlingham Nethergate with smaller concentrations at Saxlingham Thorpe and Saxlingham Green, and a small cluster of dwellings at West End. The remainder of the parish comprises scattered individual dwellings and farmsteads.

Saxlingham Nethergate has developed from a linear settlement form with development historically taking place along the south side of both The Street and Church Hill. This contrasts with the opposite frontage of The Street and Church Hill which is generally wooded and makes an important contribution to the rural character of the village. Estate development has taken place at Kensington Close, Steward Close and Pitts Hill Close. Church Green is a particularly attractive open space which contributes to the attractive setting of The Old Rectory, the church and The Old Hall, all of which are listed buildings. The importance of this area is reflected by its inclusion in the conservation area, which also includes Church Hill and The Street. The village is set in an attractive valley landscape based on a tributary of the River Tas. The local road network comprises a mixture of C class and unclassified roads, with the exception of the A140 which runs north-south through the western limit of the parish, providing good links from the village to Norwich and Long Stratton.

Services and Community Facilities

The village has a preschool, primary school, village hall, and recreation space. There is also a regular bus service.

Settlement Limit and Constraints

The Settlement Limit has been drawn to include the main built form of Saxlingham Nethergate. No alterations are proposed to the existing Settlement Limit

QUESTION 110: Do you agree with the extent of the Settlement Limit and any changes proposed? If not, please explain what further changes should be made.


Preferred and Shortlisted Sites

4 sites have been promoted for consideration, of which none were identified as preferred or shortlisted sites.

Rejected Sites

The following site(s) were promoted for development but have been rejected on the basis of information available at the time of assessment.


Location and Reasons for Rejection


6 Kensington Close

The site is adjacent to the settlement limit and existing modern residential properties however it is land-locked with no access into it. It would be contained within existing hedge boundaries but would be out of character with the surrounding development and would impact on residential amenity.


North of Norwich Road

The site is adjacent to the settlement limit but there is no continuous footpath back to the village and there would not be a safe walking route. The site is out of scale with the village and would extend into the landscape and wider views to the north, elongating the village. Access from Norwich Road would require the removal of substantial mature hedging.


Land south of Norwich Road

The site is already located within the Settlement Limit. Proposals would be assessed against current DM policies which already support development here in principle. Access, design, layout and landscaping would be the main considerations to be dealt with through a planning application.


Land west of Sandpit Lane

It is detached from the village and remote from the school and other services with poor connectivity along very narrow, single track, unlit roads with no footpaths. The site is visually contained but development here is sporadic and this type of consolidation would be out of character. It would require the removal of established frontage hedging which would significantly add to this impact.

(3) QUESTION 111: Do you think that any of the rejected sites should be preferred for allocation? Please add additional comments to explain your response and please specify which site(s) you are referring to.

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