South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (Reg. 18 Draft)

Ended on the 2 August 2021
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44. Wacton

Form and Character


Wacton is a small rural settlement situated only a few miles from the A140 to the southeast side of Long Stratton. The settlement is more concentrated to its north side along Church Road and Hall Lane but opens up south of Hall Lane at the green becoming more rural, with its large historic common to the far south.

Services and Community Facilities

There are limited services in the parish, but there is a village hall and recreational facilities.

Settlement Limit and Constraints

There is currently no Settlement Limit in Wacton and no alterations are proposed.

(2) QUESTION 153: Do you agree with the extent of the Settlement Limit and any changes proposed? If not, please explain what further changes should be made.

Preferred and Shortlisted Sites

1 site has been promoted for consideration. None were identified as preferred or shortlisted sites.

Rejected Sites

The following site was promoted for development but have been rejected on the basis of information available at the time of assessment.



Location and Reasons for Rejection



The site is considered to be unreasonable due to access and highways issues, the impact upon the historic character and the detrimental townscape impact the development would have. The site is also at the limits of accessibility to services in terms of distance, an issue exacerbated by the lack of footways. Areas of the site are also affected by surface water flood risk.

(4) QUESTION 154: Do you think that any of the rejected sites should be preferred for allocation? Please explain your reasons.

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